• Master Theses Research Areas (suggested)

    Mohamed Khider University of Biskra
    Department of Foreign Languages

    Master Theses Research Areas

    Suggested Research Areas in American and British Civilizations


                Research topics can be included (but not exclusively) within the following areas


                - Multiculturalism in Britain.

                - Britain and Africa (History, Foreign Relations).

                - Britain and the Middle East and North Africa (History, Foreign Relations).

                - Issues in British Politics.


                - Multiculturalism in the United States of America.

                - US Political History.

                - US Social History.

                - US Diplomatic History.


                The research areas above ARE NOT research topics. It is the task of the student to do extensive reading, identify a specific research problem, and develop a research proposal.

                         Background knowledge and good command of the English language are indispensable.



                            Salim Kerboua 

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