• Civilization syllabus

    Civilization syllabusCivilization syllabusCivilization course - 3rd year Licence - Semester 5

    Civilization syllabus
    Civilization course – 3rd year Licence LMD
    Suggested Syllabus for Semester 5

    Lecturer/ Instructor: Mr KERBOUA Salim
    Time: 3 sessions (1h30 × 3) per week.
                                                  - American Civilization: 1h30 p week
                                                  - British Civilization: 1h30 p week
                                                  - mini-research research paper with an oral presentation
                                                    assignment presentations (pair works): 1h30 p week
    American Civilization
    1. An Overview of American Geography (geographic regions, climate, vegetation…)
    2. The Shaping of the USA: a Geo-Historical Perspective
    3. Pre-Columbian and Pre-Colonial America (The Native Americans)
    4. European explorations, “Discoveries,” Settlements, the formation of the thirteen colonies.
    5. Life in the English Colonies of North America (Chesapeake colonies, New England colonies, Restoration colonies,…)
    6. The American War of Independence (origins, the philosophy behind the growth of discontent)
    7. The Birth of the Republic - The Articles of Confederation and its shortcomings.
    8. The Constitutional Convention (1787): Divergences & Compromises

    British Civilization
    1. The Origins: Celts in the Antiquity
    2. Roman Britain: Conquest, Rule, Achievements
    3. The Anglo-Saxon Era: Christianism, Danish Conquests, Unification of the Kingdom
    4. Norman England: administrative and political structure, the Plantagenet, landmarks
    5. Feudalism in Medieval England
    6. The 15th Century of Transition
    7. The English Reformation: Tudor England (16th C.)
    8. The Renaissance, the Elizabethan Age.

    Evaluation TD:60% - two (2) written tests + mini research assignment + participation + attendance
                     Written Exam: 40 % (1h30 at the end of the semester)

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