• 2nd Year - Civilization of the Language 2018


    2nd Year - Civilization of the Language

     2nd SEMESTER

    The Origins and Historical Shaping of Modern America


    1.Presentation of the Course

    The 2nd-Year course of Civilization of the Language is a more focusing continuation of the 1st-Year Cultures of the Language course. It mixes descriptions and explanations of historical, cultural, and social events and issues in relation with Britain and the United States. The course is divided into two parts. The first semester tackles British Civilization; the second semester sheds light on some critical aspects of American Civilization.

    2. Objectives of the Course (Part II: American Civilization)

    This course aims at providing 2nd year students of English Language Studies with the basic knowledge regarding the origins and inception of the United States of America. The course introduces an overview of North American geography and people. It then emphasizes the era prior to the birth of the USA, the different European projects, events, and peoples that shaped modern American society.

    3. Content:




    Wednesday Jan. 24, 2018

    - Introduction to the Course, An Overview of the Programme

    1. Introduction to American Geography 1 (geographic regions, climatic regions)



    Wednesday Jan. 31, 2018

    2. An Introduction to American Geography 2 (important towns and rivers, Megalopolis)



    Wednesday Feb. 7, 2018

    3. An Introduction to the American People (immigration and the Notion of Melting Pot, individualism, mobility)



    Wednesday Feb. 14, 2018

    4. Pre-Columbian America: Native Americans (origins, different tribes, life, social organizations)





    Wednesday Feb. 21, 2018

    5. Discoveries & Explorations (Discoveries: Spanish, Portuguese, French, English…, explorations and early settlements)



    Wednesday March. 14, 2018


    Wednesday March, 21, 2018

    6. The Colonial Period 1 (First settlements: Virginia Bay Colony – Plymouth Colony – Massachusetts Bay Colony)




    Wednesday April, 11, 2018

    7. The Colonial Period 2 (thirteen colonies: inception, life, religion, political organizations)   



    Wednesday April, 18, 2018

    8. The Colonial Period 3 (relationship with the natives, slavery during the Colonial Era, English, French, and Spanish rivalries in North America)



    Wednesday April, 25, 2018

    9. The American Revolution (causes, consequences)



    Wednesday May, 9, 2018

    10. The Early Years of the Republic and the Making of the Constitution


    Wednesday May, 16, 2018

    11. Revision 1



    12. Revision 2



    4. Evaluation:

    - mid-term test (20 minutes)

    - Final Achievement Test (1h30)

    one or two of the following:

    - Gap-filling

    - MCQs (with negative marking)

    - identifications of items (20 to 30 words)

    - Paragraph writing (150 to 200 words) 

    5. Some Course Material  

    - Physical Map of the USA :     Télécharger « usa-physical.jpg »

    - Regions :